Monday, February 12, 2007

Tas, Borough High Street - 10 Feb 07

A large group of us went to Tas for a late lunch / early dinner following visiting Vinopolis (which I would definitely recommend, either as a fun drinking sesh with friends or for an Improving Viticultural Experience if you actually want to take time and read and listen and learn stuff about wine, gin, beer, absinthe and whisky).

Anyway, the food in Tas is Turkish and was great - very fresh, good portions, good variety, lots of vegetarian options. To make life easier for groups there are set starters - hummus, falafels, tabulleh, yoghurt with garlicky broad beans and so on, and then you pick a main. Tas Special was good tender lamb, several mixed grills got good reviews, someone had a mountain of calamari which was excellent. Service was great, we had several waiters looking after us and they were friendly and speedy. The Turkish house wine was unexpectedly pretty good, although having come from Vinopolis we were all rather more critical than usual! And it was good value too - £24 each was pretty good considering the amount we drank.

Well worth a try. 7/10

72 Borough High Street, London, SE1 1XF
Tel: 020 7403 7200 or 020 7403 7277