Thursday, October 19, 2006

Leon - Spitalfields Market - 19 October 06

This is a good find. Cheap, quick, good food in a reasonably relaxing atmosphere with - get this! - space and decent tables! I had Moroccan meatballs with rice/seeds and freshly podded peas, Kirsty had cauliflower curry, free water (in London? blimey), £11. I'm told that they go for seasonal, organic and superfoods. Certainly was very tasty and a well balanced combo. Also the 'canteen' uses recycled fittings and stuff where it can.

Also on it's website they say that: 'it has been proved that as well as good food and good company the only other real way to make yourself happy is by stealing office stationery.'

Well quite.


Tel: 020 7247 4369
3 Crispin Place
London E1 6DW

Note: Since it's redevelopment last year, Spitalfields is well worth checking out. Lots of new bars and restaurants, trendy shops, and posh new area of market along the lines of Borough / Greenwich with food, crafts and textiles.

I should get a job with the tourist board, me. *:)

Friday, October 13, 2006

Gaby's, Charing Cross Road, 12 October 2006

Gaby's seems to be quite well known, although when you look at it from the outside it looks extremely dubious. ('Salmonella emporium' always used to cross my mind as I walked past.)

Anyway, some friends of friends researched it, and it turns out to be not bad at all for a budget deli. Kosher middle-eastern food - vine leaves, pitta, kebabs etc - in bustling heart-of-London surroundings. Pretty cramped but once you are wedged in you are good to go. Comments that what you see on the laminated menu are what you get, are spot on. Cheap and cheerful, well cooked, and apparently there is a £3 pick-your-own salad bar too. Recommend the vine leaves and falafels, which were 'better than Waitrose' according to one of our party! Praise indeed.

Can't complain with the location - just south of Leicester Sq tube station, perfect for pre-theatre or before a night on the sherberts with friends.

£80 for five people, starters and mains, two bottles of house white wine.

Rating: 6.5/10

Gaby's, 30 Charing Cross Road, WC2H 0DB
Tel: 020 7836 4233