Thursday, October 19, 2006

Leon - Spitalfields Market - 19 October 06

This is a good find. Cheap, quick, good food in a reasonably relaxing atmosphere with - get this! - space and decent tables! I had Moroccan meatballs with rice/seeds and freshly podded peas, Kirsty had cauliflower curry, free water (in London? blimey), £11. I'm told that they go for seasonal, organic and superfoods. Certainly was very tasty and a well balanced combo. Also the 'canteen' uses recycled fittings and stuff where it can.

Also on it's website they say that: 'it has been proved that as well as good food and good company the only other real way to make yourself happy is by stealing office stationery.'

Well quite.


Tel: 020 7247 4369
3 Crispin Place
London E1 6DW

Note: Since it's redevelopment last year, Spitalfields is well worth checking out. Lots of new bars and restaurants, trendy shops, and posh new area of market along the lines of Borough / Greenwich with food, crafts and textiles.

I should get a job with the tourist board, me. *:)

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