Thursday, December 21, 2006

Giuseppe's Ristorante Italiano - 15 Dec 06

Blimey it's been a dry old ship for a few months. Nothing to report! Well, I've been away in India and Hong Kong, but it's a bit far to go for a bite after work.

Anyway, Guiseppe's was the venue for the team Xmas lunch / afternoon slide under the table. We were very well looked after indeed. We had mixed starters at their suggestion (the calimari was perfect,) then variously pasta, escalopes and liver and bacon. The L&B is fantastic, cooked to a T. Veggies could use some similar inspiration it must be said.

Selection of cakes and so on - not their forte - for dessert. And drinks... the brandy / grand marnier combo tastes much better than you'd think, but the boys were suffering after two (two doubles in a glass each time - you do the maths), especially after the amount of vino consumed.

I don't even want to go into the subject of the bill, after all that lot...

Still, well worth a look in. Handy for the station and Borough Market too.


47/49 Borough High Street
(under the arch)

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